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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

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Internet Book Publishing Secrets

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Weight Loss Hypnosis
[no banners designed for this program, yet]

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If you are selling the Sex Secrets Revealed Program,
here are our banners that have been created for this adult sex educational course.

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The first step is the choose which products you are going to sell to your visitors
You can choose any of our digital products and receive the same generous commission on each sale. Remember to use the special "&U" redirect code to send the person to the exact sales page.


After you have installed the code, test youraffiliate link here:


Check your sales and stats here:


You will need your user name and password. This is where registered
affiliates can log in to our server to find out how much commission you have
earned and when your commission checks were paid last


How to I direct a prospect to product specific page and not the default catalog page?


You can set where you want to redirect your affiliates by using the "u" parameter.

EG: To redirect them to
you would do this:

Look at the last bit of the code.

In other words, whatever the affiliate link that's generated for the affiliate,
just add a & at the end to where you want to direct the visitor.

Here is an example using affiliate ID# 15720 where the site wants to send the customer directly
to the GRAPHO-DECK page, not the handwriting catalog page (which is the default.) If you do not
put the &u redirect URL, then your prospect will be send to the " catalog page."

Your base code is....

add the &u= (to the end of the code)

then put the page. (don't use html:// after the &u=.)


If you are not an currently a registered affiliate of ""
Just clickhere to become an authorized reseller of our product.

Remember, our sister company "mental fitness publishing" also has an
affiliate program that sell tangible books, tapes, and home study courses.
Click here to sign up on joining this separate reseller program.

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