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    Dear Internet Partner,

I want to personally welcome you to our Affiliate Program. I depend on you to make our business successful. Therefore, I listen to your comments and suggestions. I and my staff want to do everything possible to make it easy for you to earn money.

The first step in getting started is to choose the product or products that you want to promote from our line of self-improvement programs.

Our best seller is the WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.

You will want to choose the product that matches your target audience the best.

If you have a health newsletter, you might promote the "Stop Smoking" program or the "Weight Loss Program". If you have relationship or dating market, you might promote the "Sex Secrets Revealed" program.

Remember, your programs are all instantly downloadable or accessible online. Many are also available in CD format shipped to your customer's home.

Your greatest success will come from a strong endorsement from you to a qualified audience of prospects.

We are available to work directly with you and will do everything possible to help you consistently earn higher and higher monthly commissions. Plug into our system and we can be successful together. It's that simple.

Can't wait to write checks to you!

Bart Baggett & Jay Aaron
E-Online Publishing Affiliate Program

Choose The e-Online Publishing Products That You'd Like To Offer

On-line Course: Weight Loss /w Hypnosis
ePublish Marketing Course for Authors, Speakers & Publishers
On-line Course: Stop Smoking Now/w Hypnosis
Sex Secrets Revealed! On-Line Education Course (audio, video, e-book).

When you click on the above title, you will see the sales page in which you will direct your visitors to see. Remember not to send them directly to the above URL, use the re-direct code explained on the affiliate menu page..

If you sell to authors, publishers, or professional speakers, this home study course will be very profitable. Retails at over $197
Use Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis to Train Your Brain to Lose Weight Now
Stop Smoking easily with this on-line book and hypnosis guided visual imagery system
The complete on-line course to supercharge your love and sex life. Hosted by Stephanie Glenn and Bart Baggett.

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